Thursday, February 10, 2011

How gone the PFS in January?

This is the PFS that I give to my subscriber in January: (I give to my subscriber first 3 months of the year of the PFS, and I posted it in December 2010, not bad!)

It is a wonderful guide! First of all read with attention the explenation of the PFS, becouse it is important to see the true, without illusions.
The PFS indicate possible future push that the market could feel for the cause of a particulat Law of the Life. On the chart I show how every start of the push of the PFS was a push on the S&P500 Index in the same direction. The real power is to know in advance in which direction trade, but the trigger in every trade will be always the price, becouse no one is infallible.
Like I said, the PFS work better in uppush, and less in downpush.
This month worked well in all uppush cases, and don't work very well in only one case in downpush, in January 20. But the High was indicate to be between January 18 and 20. The High was in January 18 on the Index.
In all others situations, 3 up push and 2 down push, the market followed the PFS.
When start a push, it is good entry in the market looking at the key price, then follow the trend, using a STOP at the entry price when you have take some profit.
I hope that this my gift of the PFS can be useful also in the next 2 months.
Look next chart to see the S&P500 Index during the PFS push in January: