Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do we are near a possible up trend?

In the precedent Post, on the Italian Public I Am In Borsa Blog, in November 6th Vito ask me a real update for the Public Blog. This was my answer about the future in 7 November:

AT THE MOMENT the forecast are looking for a weak phase until the second half of November, then it is possible to see a Low for a rally in the end of the year. In these days I wait a down push, but not a crash. For a future up trend it's fundamental consolidate above 1255 points and 1277 points, that are the most important Long Term prices.
The market followed this scenario with a lateral move in the first part of the month and a descent with a down push in the last days, until the second half of November. So, if all should continue to work as forecasted it could become true the scenario for the end of the year, and it could start soon.