Sunday, April 14, 2013

New trades, new opportunities, new profits...

It is more than 2 months that I don't update the Blog, but it doesn't mean that we are not working, or that something is not working... On the contrary, the Performance of the Daily Report is great at the moment. The work is getting better day by day, I'm so full of work that I have been not able to update the site. Hence, I have some good news, in the next days I will update the Blog with all the results of the forecast, that in the last months have been amazing, with wonderful trades. Here I want just give you some news:


The new website WWW.IAMINBORSA.COM is ready! Here you can find for the first time the past Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports in the Free Resources section. Also, in this section you will find the results, with charts of the Performance of the Report. I will add new information after 21 April because...

I have been invited to speak at the TA2013 Conference in Kiev (20-21 April). My speech will be on Saturday and Sunday. I will show my approach to the trading and how I create a winning strategy. This is the link of the conference, but if you are not Russian, it will be not easy to read it for you:

As you can see from the Results, we have been able to make very good forecast and trades in the last 3 months. All is documented in the Reports, but also in the updates that I sent to the subscribers of the 2013 Bulletin. Follow this link of the SacredScience site, and you will have a foretaste of the last forecasts that I made for February, March and April. After 21 April I will update the Blog, and we will see in a deeper way the forecast and the results of the last months.