Tuesday, November 11, 2014

S&P500 - The Forecast of the last months...

Just a quick update about how the work with the S&P500 is going. This is the Chart I have published in my Weekly Report on Sunday, 24th of August:

Since the beginning of the year I was saying that I was expecting a Low in October. This is what I said in my Reports and in the S&P500 Bulletin in August the 25th:

I think you understand what I want to show you. The tendency of the actual scenario is an imminent High around the 25th and then down with a Low in October. We can have some deviations from the main path but generally this looks to be the tendency we have to follow to trade in the next few months. Also, this is confirming the other studies that are suggesting an imminent High and a Low in October. This is the forecast I’m going to follow for the next months.

It was November 2013 when I wrote the 2014 S&P500 Bulletin, where I said: 

Actually, I’m expecting an uptrend starting from October and this month could be a good buy opportunity, even possible Low of the year. 

Here we are!!! No bad...

Enjoy Trading!!!