Monday, November 9, 2015


The 2015 was the first year where we provided the US Dollar Forecast, and we did it for free. Considering we think that our US Dollar Forecast works statistically pretty well, we are now selling it with a very low price, affordable to anyone interested to it. One reason why we sell the US Dollar forecast at this low price is because we usually don’t trade this market, we are not focused on it during the year, but we can provide only a yearly forecast, which is good but not always precise. As always, I let you judge our work showing you the results we had in the past with the same forecast model, so you can decide on your own if our work can meet your needs and what you can expect from our work, based on a statistic. Here below you can see the results of our Forecast Model from the 2010 till now:
To see the forecast of 2015 till the end of the year, please CLICK HERE to download the free 2015 US Dollar forecast.
Now it is possible to pay with PAYPAL!

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