Tuesday, April 19, 2016

NZD.JPY - Our trading strategy - We hit perfectly the Low, we said that 50 days in advance

Sometimes the nature offers unbelievable opportunites! Look at our strategy here below with the pair NZD.JPY: on the 22nd of February we wrote in our Weekly Report that we had a support at 72.70; this level chages over the time, and on the 21st of March we said that this level of energy was now at 72.85; this is exactly what we wrote in the Weekly Report of March the 21st:

There had a very important level in area 82.7 now. We have to follow any trend starting from this area. So, we have the Key Price at 84.098, always LONG above it and FLAT under it, and we will be always SHORT under the Key Price 82.22 and FLAT above it.
We are SHORT from the Key Price 82.22 where we had the signal to be always SHORT under it. We have seen a Low at 73.2164, wonderful trade!!! We could make very good profits following the strategy. As always, we said to take part of the profits and let the remaining to run. 45 days ago I said also: in area 79.4 there is also a possible resistance; the top was on the 1st of February at 79.4040, and then it pushed down.
I said to take most of the profits because we were close to the main target at 72.70 (now 72.85)!!! Let’s wait for this level and then we will plan a new strategy. As I said, if we remain SHORT, just with a little part, and you can see actually this pair is now pushing up.
You see here the strategy of the last 2 months, do not forget this Report here above was written on the 21st of March 2016. You see what a big profit we could make. The Chart sums up the trades:
All these strategies are planned in advance, using precise rules to open and close positions with no doubt about what to do. This is just one of the Markets we are dealing, and we are doing well with every Market we trade (click here to see all the Market we study). In the previous Neewsletter I showed you the semi-automated system that we are creating to open the positions automatically; it showed a profit of +129.316 USD (5days ago). Right now the profit is +162.584 USD, +16.2% in 2 months and 10 days. In the next Newsletter we will see the performance in details of the system.
All the strategies for each Futures Market we trade are available in our Daily Report service, and here, again, we provide a real proof of our profitable work. 
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