Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 Bulletins - Now Half Price - See the Results so far

Review of the 2017 Bulletins in the first 6 months of the year

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The main trend has been forecast very well. We had some troubles at the beginning of the year where a drop was expected, but it never happened. Also, the S&P500 is not easy to trade due to choppy movements and narrow sideways ranges. We will write a post in the next days about this situation. Generally, we cannot complain about the forecast, suggesting very well the main trend. What’s next? Order now the 2017, Half Price for the last 6 months of the Year.



The Cotton PFS did a great job until May, even if it has missed the top of May due to unexpected news. As you can see, the forecast also hit perfectly the top of March 2017. In the Bulletin we managed every movement with precise levels. For example we said to use the levels 79.54 to follow the up push above it, and take some profits, or to use 75.70 to close any LONG position under it, because under it the situation could turn very negative. You can Order Now the 2017 Cotton Bulletin at Half Price.


Live Cattle

Great job with Live Cattle, where we could follow a great up push at the beginning of the year. Then, we had to deal with the up push of the end of April/beginning of May, not easy due to a high volatility in intraday, but we used it as a new opportunity to open SHORT positions, bringing to us new good profits. Order Now the 2017 Live Cattle Bulletin, Half Price.


Corn & Soybeans

 The forecast worked very well, we cannot complain about it, but we had to deal with a never ending sideways pattern. It is not easy when the Market remains in such a narrow range for 8 months! But the forecast helped us to take some profits, even if not big due to the lack of swings.

With Soybeans we had a great forecast, except for the period from 16 February to 31 March; our forecast model suggested an uptrend, but the Market pushed strongly down in that period. Obviously I had some losses, but thanks to our strategy we used intelligent stops to protect the positions.

From April, the forecast is back to work very well, and we believe it will continue for the rest of the year, even because we have a great price map that is working perfectly, helping us to open and close our positions at important Key Levels.