Friday, October 20, 2017

This time I was wrong!

In the last Newsletter, I said I was expecting a down push, but I was definitely wrong, and the S&P500 went up and up to new all the time Highs. At least, I gave an interesting level where we had to protect the position, over 2506 IP; in this way we closed the SHORT position with a little loss. Actually, at 2511 Futures Points we opened a LONG position, because that was the signal for higher levels, and we made some profits (even if we closed the LONG position quite early).

First of all, let me say there are much better Markets to trade, because a Market with a very low volatility is not good for traders; I do not suggest to trade the S&P500, or just open a LONG position and follow the uptrend with a stop below the trendline that defines the trend. If you want to SHORT the S&P500, wait for a confirmation, a beakout. With a low volatility, there is no energy to react at any cycle or change in trend; this is the reality and we better accept it.
There are better Markets where we are doing well, like Gold, Soybeans (we are LONG from 922, now at 987), T-Bonds (we are LONG from 152, it is now at 154)... But there are also other Markets where we are not seeing any good movement, like Corn (which is horrible), Wheat, Crude Oil.

This situation, with Low volatility, gave me the time to move to Stocks, and I have created a new system where I can make money with a lower risk than Futures, and I can pick up the Stocks that have the volatility I like. The website is under-construction,  but you can already subscriber to it and get the Stocks Strategy Daily Report for FREE (the Stocks Strategy Daily Report will be FREE for the next months; we want you to test what we offer before you spend money for it). The Report is very easy to be read, we just provide precise signals with stop-loss and take-profit orders.