Friday, January 12, 2018

Not that hard to make profits in this period

Do not tell me it is hard 

to make profits in this period

I am talking about financial trading, of course. We are going to see the pattern that helps us to follow the uptrend with intelligent stops


It is so evident, the Market is going up, and not just the S&P500, but also Crude Oil. They have a clear pattern that is easy to see, and this is the reason you must be mad opening SHORT positions right now! I am not telling you that this Market will not go down anymore, I am just saying that the chances to make profits following the uptrend are much higher than betting on a downtrend; but the time is running out to get advantage of this bargain. Let's see a few charts:

As long as this pattern does not change, there is nothing else to do but following the uptrend. Obviously, always with precise strategies. 


In my opinion, with this pattern, we can use a very simple tool: the Trailing Stop. This is what I am doing with my customers. I use precise levels calculated with my studies, then I open LONG positions above them, and I use a stop under them; when the Market goes higher, I move my Key Level to a higher price. 

We trade the S&P500, and in October 2017 I simply said to follow the uptrend above 2547 points, with a stop under it. In December I said to follow the uptrend above 2658 points with stop under it. In the last week, I moved my Key Level to 2735 Futures Points, and we are following the uptrend, again, with a stop under it (and yesterday we increased the LONG position at the support, because the S&P500 went close to 2735 points, where we knew we could trade with a very little risk...). This is a Trailing Stop! Let's all be grateful to it during these times! We are doing the same with Crude Oil.

Do I usually trade with Trailing Stops?

Honestly, I do not use Trailing Stops with my original approach; but this is the strength of being a semi-automated system trader, and not just an robot or machine! Conditions change, and we have to be wise and humble to change with the Market. I do not use Trailing Stops, usually, but this is the time to use this technique.

Now, you are wondering how do we calculate the Key Levels... well, that's our job :)


Guys, Stocks are flying! I am trading them, and I feel so safe with my system, because with single Stocks I can diversificate easily! I trade 22 Stocks, I follow the uptrend with most of them right now, and I just take some profits and let the remaining to run, using a stop-loss just below the entry point (the entry point was planned to a precise level due to our studies, of course).
We went public with our strategy, in April 20, with our free Stock Strategy Daily Report, you can see all the results, so far, on the website (updated every week):
At the moment we have a profit of +9.96% without leverage on the entire capital (this is important, on the entire capital!), always taking a very low risk. The drawdown has never been higher than 1.45%. It means we can use a 4:1 leverage with a low risk and get a perfomrance of +39.86%). How? Just following the uptrend with tight stops!
(***) - we are still working on this website, but you can sign up for free to get the Daily Report.


If you believe in Crystal Balls, you probably think to know when the right time to SHORT is coming... but I consider myself a wise trader, and I follow the uptrend as long as it is not the Market to tell me that something has changed. I would suggest you to do the same :)

Best Regards,
Daniele Prandelli
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