Monday, March 21, 2011

Another confirmation from my book - Gold

In october I write a simple page where I show what will speak about my book. In this page I speak about the Gold and I say that next target is 1444. The page is available at this link:

Today we see that march 7, 2011, 5 months later, the Future of the Gold hit my target price, it doing a High at 1445.7, only 1.7 point over my 1444 level. and than we see a descent.

Another time we have the demonstration that exist mathematic and geometric rules that permit us to do good forecasts. The book "The Law of Cause and Effect" give the knowledge to be able to do this type of forecast. The only thing that I can not teach is patience. If you want to be a Trader you need to learn patience, don't forget it... if you don't have patience, don't spend vainly money in books. Gain calmness, then search knowledge.