Monday, May 23, 2011

How are gone April-May?

Well, it's possible to say that between April and May we did good profit, with a little loss in the first part of April, where the PFS miss the swing, but it was able to forecast the mid April Low, up push in April 25, High in May, descent until May 17-18 and then rally.
But we see, using the chart, how was my forecast in the last 45 days.

This chart was posted in April 14:
How it's possible to see from the chart, the forecast see a error around April 9, where I was waiting a rally. The price permit me to exit with a little stop-loss. Then we see the forecast until the end of April. All is been fantastic, where we can see it in the next chart the swing of the S&P500:
Now we see the forecast for the first part of May. Next chart was posted in May, 2:
The forecast indicated a swing descent until May 16-18, and from May 17 the PFS forecasted a up push. Nevertheless some doubt in the first days, the forecast was very correct. We see in the next chart how was the movement of the S&P500 Index:
Also in this case the forecast was good, and the market see a descent until May, 17 where there was the forecast for a Low and then rally for the PFS. You can see also that the forecast indicated a price area at 1370-1374. Also in this time we hit the High, that is 1370 in May, 2.

In every forecast there are a price study, where we make a plan, a strategy to trade with little stop-loss in case of error, like it's happened in April.
Target is: little loss and big profit.


Daniele Prandelli