Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How are gone late May?

I'm sorry for my bad english...

How is gone the end of May in my Blog? You can find in this page (click here) my reports that I give in my private Blog from May 23 to May 31, and you can see how I work and how I trade. The precision and the discipline is very important to not lost too much money in case of error and to be able to follow the trend when we are in gain.
Subscribe my private Blog mean receive every day instructions and a view of the S&P500, where it are going by my calculations, that since more than 1 year are showing to be able to forecast the S&P500 in the most of the time. The studies of the prices permit to have a aggressive strategy, but not with a boring Trading System, because this Blog is preferred to the people that love and studies this world like a try to find himself and not only to take profit. If the Blog were created for take profit, looking the results of the forecast and strategy, the access could be very much more expansive (I can say it because I know the prices of this kind of service, and I know also the results…). This is not my purpose, and I know well that if you receive good information for your trading, but you are not ready in yourself, it will be impossible take profit from the market.

In the Posts is possible to see how the patience permit us to take profit from the market knowing in advance the direction and key prices, with a perfect buy in May 25 from 1311 points. You can see also in May 31 my general forecast for June, when I was looking for a descent from 3-6 June until 10 June.

Daniele Prandelli