Friday, June 8, 2012

New commodity: SOYBEANS

Hi dear friends,

after the Corn, I'm studying the PFS and the prices on the Soybeans.
Corn is working really very well and, as I said some month ago, I was expecting to make good profits with this Commodities. I was really surprised when some month ago I saw how it was easier to trade the Corn than the S&P500. And now I understand why W.D. Gann said that Commodities are better than Stocks to make money.
I give you the trades of the Corn that we make in the Blog in the last month:
1-SHORT at 628 points. Closed 1/3 at 610 and 2/3 at 587 points. (+18 points and then +41 points)
2-LONG at 587 points. Stopped at 572 points. (-15 points)
3-LONG at 575 points. Stopped at 572 points. (-3 points)
4-LONG at 575 points. Closed 1/3 at 595 points. (+20 points). The rest is LONG, now in profit of 28 points.

This is not bad. We are working with good prices, so we can trade always with little losses and higher profits.

About the S&P500, in May I was not able to make good profits because I was not expecting a market so Low. But with patience I said that area 1260-1290 was a strong support. Well, we bought at 1274 points, and yesterday we closed all at 1319 points, +46 points in profit. If I can gain 46 points in only 1 trade, I can do one trade at month! So, after a big patience in May, we make a great trade in the last days.

A first study with the Soybeans, it seems work very well in the mid and long term.
Well, here I show the PFS vs Soybeans in the last 5 years.
You will see that the general trend was always forecasted. Only in 2007 we have some problem, but only in the periods between May and September, where it was expected a down trend that becomes an up trend.
2008 works perfectly.
2009 the PFS remains generally lateral in the first part of the year, when the Soybeans go up, but then the PFS hits the top and the descent after June.
2010 PFS is saying UP for all the year, and the trend is up for all the year.
2011 I would say that PFS did a great work!

What are you expecting? If you think you are disciplined, I can do the rest.
In the Blog now there is a section for people that can not follow intraday market, and so I give them daily strategies in the S&P500 too.

My Blog is the REAL TRADING, all my trades are in real time because I give the instruction of where and when to be LONG, SHORT or FLAT. This is real trading not only forecasts. Everyone can make forecast, but no everyone can show to be able to make money. I'm a trader, not an advisor.
And soon there will be new markets, with new indications, and now I'm ready to begin the study of the Silver and Gold.

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