Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last trades on the S&P500 and CORN

Here you can download the file where I show the trades of the BLOG in the last month with the S&P500 and CORN.

There is a INTRADAY TRADING section for the S&P500, and this doesn't mean that we make 30 trades per day, but it means that we follow the intraday prices to enter in the market with close stop-loss using precise prices. Then we will try to follow the trend for days. Since 21 May we gain around 45 points.

In the DAILY TRADING, I did only 1 trade because this service started in June, of course this is a service for who can not follow the intraday market. This kind of strategy need patience, stop-loss will be wider, but following the PFS and a intelligent strategy I think we will make good profits. At the moment the first trade produced a profit of 35 points on the S&P500.

Then we have the TRADING on the Corn. We started to trade the CORN in March, after a study of the PFS on this Commodity. We have seen that we can do a great work on the Corn, because we have good prices and good forecaster instruments. In fact we make good trades on this market. In the file you will find only the trades since 27 April 2012, with a profit of 35 points.

Download here the file to see every trade: TRADES.PDF