Monday, August 20, 2012

... and August arrives... and Bulletin advised to buy at the Low in June

Look the S&P500, and pay attention to the up trend till August... and look the Low price...

To show you that I foreseen the up trend till August, you can see what I wrote in my Reports, in advance, and how I was able to make a profit of 89 points (and more...) in my mid-term strategy:

11 April: Then market should go up till August, where we will see new Highs, important Highs

17 April: Yesterday I studied again a lot of time the market to try to understand. Well, I can confirm the good up trend from May or June till August.

In truth, we bought at 1277 Future points, with a stop at 1255 points, this is what I said in my 5th June Report:

LONG at 1277 Future points. Stop at 1255 points.

Future never touched 1255 points.
Then I closed 1/2 at 1295 points (+18 points) and the other 1/2 at 1322 points (+44 points).
I re-bought all then at 1315 Index points, with a profit of +89 points closed in August! NO BAD!

And to show you how we were waiting this up trend till August, look the general forecast of the 2012 S&P500 Bulletin, published in April:

This is the swing published in my 2012 Bulletin, where you can see that I was waiting an uptrend till August. Market confirmed the right forecast.

So, I forecast a general up trend till August, and we are seeing this, look the chart! Is it impossible to produce reliable forecasts? I don't think so...

But the TIME is not the only factor, so I'm happy to show you how my Bulletin would has been useful to buy at the Low area of June, just studying the importance of the prices (this is a reason because in the Reports we bought at the Low).
In my 2012 Bulletin I wrote:

Let’s turn to the prices: according to my studies, S&P500 is working in a price
range between area 1290-1296 (-30 margin points) and xxxx points.
Indeed at the moment my principal target on the S&P500 is area xxxx.
Reached this price the S&P500 could begin to go down, but everything depends
on WHEN this price can be reached. Moreover, if the S&P500 should retraces
till area 1260-1295 without having reached the first target at xxxx, this
could be a very good BUY point

My target price xxxx has been not touched yet, so, when market arrived to hit area 1260-1295 in June, my indications were for a BUY. I wrote my Bulletin in March, 3 months in advance. Look the chart, and you will see that the most important Low of the year is, at the moment, at 1266.74 points, in my forecast price area! And today the S&P500 is at 1417 points. Not a bad opportunity!

So, we have the price, we have the time... we can start to trade.

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