Tuesday, July 17, 2012

News on the Reports


Dear subscribers,

as you know, I’m trying to create forecast on new markets, after what I saw on the Commodities. The PFS is missing the last up move, but if we look at the past months, the PFS is working very well on the CORN. And with the key prices we can manage any trade, also when the PFS is wrong. In this way we can implement the real secret of the trading: little losses and big profits. The key price is very important, it is fundamental to have a strategy, and we can create a profitable strategy using the key price and following the trend and the turning points with the PFS.
At the moment I’m working on the Wheat because I have good old data on this market. If you have some favourite market that you would like to trade, please let me know, but remember that I need a historical data at least 50-60 years old.

Some of you gave me some suggestions, and I appreciated it. So, I will change something on my Report following your suggestions, but I need also to save time because I’m having some problem of time. As you know I traded the S&P500, and in the last months I’m trading also some Commodities. But it is not easy to follow many markets, because there is not only the trading, but also the studying that I have to do to be able to create profitable strategies. I have to do it every day if I want trade seriously. So, you can understand that I have to study charts every day, I have to write the daily report, follow the market, and study also books to find new intuitions to improve the analysis and the forecast.
To be able to manage all this, in the last days I changed my working desktop, so now I can use 9 monitors, and this will help me to follow many markets in the same time.

Well, looking the general criticisms and suggestions, I can resume them in these points:

1 – people ask me to divide the long term, mid term and short term view. All this is little bit confused at the moment in my Report.

SOLUTION: I decided to publish a Monthly Report for a Long Term view, a Weekly Report for the Mid Term, and a Daily Report for the intraday instructions and strategy. All these Reports will be included in your subscription, don’t worry. In this way the daily Report will be lighter, and I will write only the strategy with the key prices and mid term prices.
I hope you understand if I don’t give a longer view, as a yearly view. To be able to do it is very difficult, and I think not so important. If you want to know in advance my general view for the year, there is the Yearly Bulletin that you can buy on the Blog.
This division on different time frames bring us at the next point…

2 – someone said to me that the Report is not updated every time, because I repeat the same things for more days.

SOLUTION: of course, this is normal, if a have a forecast for next week or more, I can not change the forecast every day. It will be the same. If I’m forecasting an up move in the next week, the forecast will not change till next week! For example, if I say that tomorrow we have to buy because market will run up in the next 60 days, I think that the Reports will be very boring for you in the next two months. The Report will never change! But if the forecast will become true, I think that an up trend of 60 days will be not boring for your portfolio!
But for this reason, by now, I will post the forecast only in the Monthly and Weekly Report. In the Daily Report I will speak only about the strategy, so there will be no repetitions. This will save time to me too

3 – someone ask me to show the potential turning points in the future, and the possible future projection.

SOLUTION: I will try to do it, no problem. Not always it is easy to do a projection, because you know that sometime there is some doubt, and I need to wait the prices to be able to make a precise forecast. But I can show the general trend and the preferred path. I saw in the past that when I did it, rarely the general trend was wrong.

4 – someone said to me that they would be happy to learn my method, and they ask me if I can show the studies and the reasons.

SOLUTION: Buy the course on Sacred Science!  I hope you understand that I can not explain my studies here. Everything has a value. I can not do it for 50$/month. In this Blog, if you have patience, you can make profits if we will continue to trade like in the 2 past years, just paying only 50$/month. If you can not follow the market every day, you can see that we are making great trades also in the mid term sections, with only 5 trades since 1st of June. I think that at the moment the results on the mid-term section are better than the intraday section. And buying my 2 courses, it is absolutely not difficult to be able to do the same trades. So, I hope you understand if I don’t teach my method in the Blog. By the way, some people thanks me because I showed them how is possible to trade cutting the losses, learning my approach looking my strategy.

5 – commodities section is in a mid term approach, so it is normal that in some day nothing changes. I have all the dates of the forecast trend in advance thanks to the PFS, so I will give you the Report on the commodities only with a Weekly Report, giving you all the prices to trade. In the Daily Report I will give you only the updates and the strategies.

Well, that’s all. All these solutions will help me to save the time to study and to improve my work.
I’m alone, my father helps me in something (not now, it is in vacation till September), so please give me the time to do all. I hope to create all the Reports before the and of July.

If you have some question or requests, please let me know.