Thursday, January 10, 2013


How are we going? I can say well! In late November 2012 I started to keep a record of all our trades that we are doing. In December we trades with not a big amount because you know that under holidays it is better to be careful, with low volumes it can happen to see unexpected bad movements. But in January we restarted to trade with the usual amount that we use, and in January I was waiting higher prices, and we took a good profit with the up push of the first days on January.
I post here under the Trades Record. I think the table is clear. I trade always with a fixed amount, of course it depends on how many money you have. For someone it can be 3 contracts, or 6 contracts, or someone can use CFD. When I’m in profit of some points I always close a part in profit, in this way I will not lose money if market turns against my trade. For this reason you will see that I closed 1/3 or ½ in profit, leaving the rest to follow the trend. In the same way, using my key prices, you can see that all the losses are little, and it is using this strategy that we are in profit in all the market that we are trading: S&P500, ASX200, CORN and SOYBEANS.

The columns “points” and “total points” are different. Both are the results of the trade, but the first is the amount of points for the specific part that I’m closing. For example, if I’m LONG from 1400 points with an amount of 1, and then I close ½ at 1420, the points of this closed trade are 20. If then I close the last ½ at 1440 points, this last trade will produce a profit of 40 points, but the total points gained of the trade are 30. This is because we closed ½ at +20 points and ½ at +40 points. The average points gained are 30, and this is the total profit of the LONG position, into the column “total points”. I hope I have been clear.

You will find a Mid-Term strategy section on the S&P500, this is a trading section for people that cannot trade during the day, but just end of day. So, I created a strategy for who can insert order just before the opening or at the end of the day.

When in December we traded, you will see that every LONG or SHORT trade has been done with an amount of ½, this is because, as I told, during holidays we used a lower amount.
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