Monday, February 4, 2013

Working with the Commodities. SOYBEANS +152 points in 45 days. +206 points in 75 days

We are getting very good results with the Commodities that we are using for our trading. On the Soybeans Contract we gained 152 points in just 45 days and 206 points in 75 days.
How has been possible to get these results? With a precise and intelligent strategy, and with a great forecast! Here I show you my Monthly Forecast that I sent to my subscribers for December and January.

Forecast for December, from the Monthly Report:

And this has been the forecast for January, from the January Report:

And now it’s time to see what the real market has been:

You can see that we have been able to take advantage from every up swing thanks to the forecast. We were waiting a general up trend till 12 December circa. Then the PFS was suggesting us a stop of the uptrend, with a lateral or descending phase until the end of the year. For January the PFS was suggesting to follow the uptrend, and it has been right.

So, here you can see all the trades we have done in my Blog, following the strategy that I give every day to follow  my forecast:

We are working very well on the CORN as well, but it is less volatile, and so it gives us less opportunity to have big profits. Anyway, in the last 75 days we have accumulate +65 points, and it is absolutely no bad considering that CORN is now at  738 points, it mean almost +9% of profit of the whole value in just 75 days.

With the Soybeans, 214 points means almost +14% in 75 days. No bad.

To follow our work you have just to subscribe the service. It is just 50$ at month, do you think it is really expensive for these results?

Learn my system, if you are disciplined, with patience, you can do it, I’m giving you all the studies that I use to do it. On you will find my courses.

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