Monday, August 5, 2013


It was May the 21st when I updated my Blog and the last sentence was: “But the strongest forecast is on the Soybeans... too soon to speak, we will see... but, have a look at the Soybeans Contract... Subscribe my service if interested, to see in advance all my forecasts and strategies”
Well, now I can reveal what my forecast was about Soybeans. At the beginning of May I said that I was expecting a strong up push of this Commodity till the summer, and this is exactly what is happened:

Then in June I said that a strong geometry could stop the strong up push, in fact we have seen the High of the November and September Contracts made in June. But the biggest trade following the downtrend has been done at the end of July, where in my Report we have been able to trade the August and November Contracts. We are still SHORT now with the November Contract, where we opened the SHORT position at 1283 and today it is at 1181 points.

Of course, there is a precise strategy behind these trades because the forecast can be wrong or not precise, we use to have little losses when we are wrong using my key prices, and then we follow the trend when it starts, important is to know where it has to go ;). But in this way we have been able to be in profit of 520 points since November 2012, something impressive! Here is the chart of the performance of the last 9 months:

We have had good results even with other Markets, but we have to say that Soybeans Market has been the best. With the S&P500 we are in profit of 171 points since November 2012. The last months have been not easy to trade but the performance remains in uptrend.

Here are the results with Corn, at the moment in profit of 182 points since November 2012:

With ASX200 we are having great results, over the expectations, at the moment in profit of 860 points since November 2012. We are doing a great trade right now, we are LONG since July the 8th, and following the uptrend, our last position is in profit of almost 300 points so far.

Here the Performance since November 2012:

What about Gold: I have included in my Report also some information about Gold, giving price indications and general trend to follow. I have to say that it is going quite well, in June I said that I was expecting higher prices in July, in fact we have seen an uptrend during this month. Then I was expecting a Top around mid-July or at the end of July, and the area 1336, that I gave months ago to my Subscribers, is working as a resistance. Let’s see if we are going to see a stop of the uptrend for a while, but attention because a break above area 1336 could mean a target of 1415 points!