Thursday, December 12, 2013


In his course, Gann said:

"You should never buy a method from a man who has not made money with it". 

So, I think can be nice to show my trades from a real account. This is my Account Statement from July the 23rd to October the 25th, 3 months of work. You can see also the profits/losses that I made in every Contract of the S&P500, Gold, Soybeans and Corn.

In 3 months I had a performance of +58%, starting from a capital of 40.500 USD and finishing with 64.300 USD. Now I'm telling you something: there is not just the FORECAST in this work, but there is also a STRATEGY, DISCIPLINE, PATIENCE, COURAGE!!! Everyone is looking for the perfect forecast, always, they don't want to spend time, they just want to make money. If this is your case, make a favour to yourself, stop trading, because this is a real job! Or go on, become part of the 95% of people that invest money into the market: losers. I'm sorry if I'm so direct, but today I feel I want to say what I really think. It is also in your interest that I say what I really think, or do you prefer a perfect seller that is going to tell you what you'd like to hear? Actually, I'm just saying facts, nothing new, like I showed facts in my account.
At the moment I'm working on a new book where I'm going to show every trade that I did in these 3 months, explaining how I manage my trades in intraday.

But we are here to speak about the new 2014 BULLETIN. I have prepared it a few months ago, you can order it following this link:

In this link you are going to find huge information about the Grains Bulletin and the S&P500 Bulletin. There is also the review about the Bulletins of the last year, where the main forecast was not so good but during the year I gave updates that were in my opinion great, giving us the opportunity to make big profits. Actually, every 2 or 3 months I'm going to send updates to the subscribers about the actual situation for each market, with key prices to make real trades. Anyway, the page of the link gives you all the information that you need.

For any question, please let me know.