Monday, June 23, 2014


Sometimes I'm really impressed how some Natural Laws of Cycles work!

In November 2013 I wrote the 2014 Bulletin for Corn and Soybeans. This is what I wrote about Corn:

This is my general forecast for the year 2014. Actually my favourite path is a general up movement till April or May (possible up and down in the first months of the year, at the moment I would like to see a brief weak phase till February and then up), then we should see a descent. The descent should start in May...

Here is the 2014 Chart of Corn so far:

 Not so bad :)

About Soybeans, this is what I wrote:

The general up movement should work till May, where a downtrend could start. May is a very important month, in case of a High we can bet for a downtrend (and at the moment this is my favourite path).

Here is the 2014 Chart of Soybeans so far:

Again, not so bad! ;)

Remember that this is a real job, it needs attention, patience and discipline, this is absolutely not easy! There is not only the forecast, there is also the strategy, and in my opinion it is even more important than the forecast!

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