Thursday, May 29, 2014

NEW MARKET, CRUDE OIL!!! Subscribe within June the 21st

I'm very happy to inform you that now in the Daily and Weekly Report there is also the Light Sweet Crude Oil! After a period of studies we have found a good strategy and a good forecast to trade this very liquid Market. Subscribing the Daily Report Service you will receive also the results of the studies where I show and I teach how we can trade Crude Oil and with which expectations.

Now the Daily Report gives studies and forecasts for 6 Markets and 4 Stocks:
- S&P500
- ASX200

Plus 4 Stocks. With Stocks we use a mid-term approach.

This is a Daily Report Service, you receive every day before the opening a precise strategy with precise rules that I use for my own trades, and every week you receive the Weekly Report where I show the next scenario and what I'm expecting from every Market. You receive also specific PDF files and instructions where I teach how to trade every Market.

Take advantage of the actual subscription fee because from June the 21st there will be an increase of the price of the Service, considering we are now covering many Markets.

Subscribe the service where every day you receive the Report, and you will figure out why most of my Subscribers are Banks, Professionals and Managers. This is a real job, trading is not a game.

I speak with real resutls, that's why I have published a book where I show every my trade from a real Activity Statement, more than 1000 trades, explaining which intraday rules I use to open and protect the position. Click here to see the description of the book "How to Trade to Make Profits". My problem is that I usually say what I really think, because over 13 years of trading I have met very sospicious people. I prefer to speak with numbers and being honest.

Contact me for any question.

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