Thursday, June 11, 2015

From the 8 of June Free Weekly Newsletter


You have already reveived the US Dollar forecast and, as you can see, it is suggesting a general pullback. We are waiting for this movement and it should support our view about other important Markets, like commodities, that have been affected my the strenght of the USD.

Today we have a look at one new Market we are introducing in our Report Service: Wheat. We think there is a good opportunity for a new uptrend in this Market, even if it can remain sideways for a while. This simple chart shows something important:

Working with grains means often working with horizontal prices, and here we have an example. Because of many factors, we see Wheat being in a very good position in terms of a risk/reward. We published this Chart a few weeks ago, I let you have a look to Wheat, ours was not a bad call!


The S&P500 is one of the most important Markets we trade with our Report Service. We only want to share with you a simple fact: why are we sorrounded by people calling a crash since 2012? Every week we can see someone saying: a sharp decline is natural now... we are close to a new crash... the Stock Market cannot sustain this uptrend for any longer...
But you see, now is 2015, and the S&P500 is still up! Why we cannot think right in the opposite way people do: the trend is evidently up, let's follow it, not fighting it!
Even if our forecast is not expecting any crash NOW, we have precise prices that help us to understand when the uptrend will be over. In 2015, so far, 80% or our trades have been LONG positions:
Do you really want to keep fighting the trend? As Long as the S&P500 remains above 2029 points, we will not be SHORT for sure, unless our time and price target will be reached.

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