Tuesday, July 7, 2015

From the 6 of July Free Newsletter

It is time FOR YOU to judge if our service is useful!
After one month, you can read the previous Newsletters and see what I was suggesting about Sugar, Wheat (and Corn-Soybeans of consequence). This is why people are happy to pay for this service!

Great Forecast in the Wheat Market:

Great call in the Sugar Market, so far...

And if we were expecting a strong up push for Wheat, we were expecting about the same in the other grains Marekts. In our Reports we took profits following the up push in Corn and Soybean, we did actually forecast the up push in June:


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 Now it is possible to pay with PAYPAL!

On the 13th of July the Subscription Fees will be increased, if you subscribe before the end of the week, you will keep the same price for the next years!

Why do we have decided to increase the Fees Subscription?

Because we are providing a high-value service, and after many years Daniele Prandelli has proved without any doubt the value of our studies. Also, we sell information that can bring 50 times the value of the cost of our service, and the increase of the Fees is just a normal process for something that is giving good opportunities of profits. We proved it also with these simple newsletters in just one month.

You can read the previous Newsletters following this link:

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