Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1st of September Newsletter - S&P500 and Crude Oil


Since January I'm saying that in case of new Lows, we have to wait for area 38, next target and very important price area. For example, in the first Weekly Report of the year, I said:

"I will turn LONG only after a movement above 57.40, or in case of the exceptional event of a movement till area 38".

We kept saying this, and finally, Crude Oil reached area 38 on the 24th of August. We used the Key Price at 37.98 (because of intraday studies) to open LONG positions, and after only one week, we have a profit of more than 10 points!!! Crude Oil now at 48.60!!!
On the 24th of August we bought above 37.98, this was the strategy we wrote in the Daily Report: "If CL tests 39.06 or 37.98, always LONG above them and FLAT under them". CL tested the level 37.98, and the strategy was perfect

Someone thinks that our service it soo expensive... one CL contract at 38 and in one week we made +10.000 USD. Our service is really cheap compared to the value of the info we provide.


We all know that the Stock Markets over the world crashed because of the China troubles. This has been a great opportunity for us to make very good profits. We used a very simple strategy thanks to the Price Structure we study. We knew that in area 2050 Index Points there was a very strong support, and the sideways Market from March till July proved it. So, we used the Key Level at 2035 Futures Points, SHORT under it with STOP above it. The chart is self-explanatory:

Also the forecast we made one year in advance looks great, this is what we said in the 2015 S&P500 Bulletin:
  • March is a month where to buy.
  • The general uptrend should go on till July, where it is possible we see a stop of the uptrend.
  • Little descent till August or September, and then XXX...
Look at the chart, don't you think this was a great forecast, considering we did it one year in advance?

Summing up, August has been probably the most profitable month of the year, volatility is always very dangerous, but it can give you also huge profits. If you know where to look, as we did, you can take advantage of strong movements.
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