Monday, October 12, 2015

New Profits with S&P500 and Crude Oil

While grains are sleeping, we keep doing profits with


Corn and Soybeans remain sideways, stuck in a trading range. Also Wheat is not doing big movements, but if you read the Newsletter I sent on the 8th of June, you can see it was still possible to make good profits.


If you followed the previous Newsletters, you know we bought exactly at 38, a great trade that makes us following a strong uptrend, and we are still LONG, but not for long. Actually we are planning to close the position using a precise strategy. What is unbelievable is how we did say in January that the level at 38 was a storng buy opportunity. Well, now Crude Oil is at 49!
Here is the chart, where you can see the profit of 11 points that we are doing.

Our next question is: was our study useful for you if you knew it?


After the strong descent we saw in August, how did we handle the Market? It was very volatile, not easy to trade, but we said to our customers that in our opinion the fall was a new strong buy opportunity, only a scaring movement, nothing more. You can see the results of our strategy, following precisely the indications of our Daily Reports:

Yes, we had to fight a lot during the choppy Market in September, and if you read the previous Newsletter you can see that we were expecting the descent till Agust/September and then... obviously up. Well, in the last trade, we bought around 1900 and we are still LONG, Futures of the S&P500 closing on Friday at 2007 Points, great trade, over 100 Points. You can see the profit we did in our Performance Chart, here above.
Since the beginning of the year, our precise strategy is in profit of 220 points, a great result so far.
We also have a End of Day Strategy for people that cannot follow the Market in intraday or people that don't want to be too active in the Market, and also with this strategy we are doing great, where we use only the most important supports/resistances and forecasts. The last 7 trades have been all in profit.

All our strategies are precise and planned in advance or in real time. The proof of this is in the book "How to Trade to Make Profits", written by Daniele Prandelli, where you can see all the trades made in a real money account following the strategies of our Service, with a final performance of +58%.

Here is the Chart of the S&P500:

What is next? Let's say we should not be scared to buy... but there is always a strategy behind every forecast, because we are not that stupid to buy without understanding that we can also be wrong, no one knows where the Market is going, never forget that, NO ONE!

In about 1 month will be issued the new 2016 Bulletin for the S&P500, Soybeans and Corn. 
In the next Newsletter I will provide a deep Review about the work we did in Grains and S&P500, showing also the 2015 Bulletins and the updates and Forecasts we sent out over the year.
If you want a complete support and analysis about the Market we study, subscribe our Service, to know the most favourite trend of the Market, and which strategy we are going to use to make profits.
If you are a professional trader or investor, you should have a look at our work, it can really improve the analysis and the results of your work, we have Banks following our studies too.

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Daniele Prandelli
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