Monday, January 25, 2016

2016, What a Start!

WHAT A 2016!!!

Some updates from the Markets...

The 2016 has began with very strong and unexpected movements: Stock Markets deply down, Crud Oil lower and lower... but we are doing well with some awesome calls!


Probably the most astonish forecast we made was on this Market, when one week before it was happening, we literally said in our Weekly Report: "next interesting level I have that can be a support is at 26.30-26.50". And here is the Chart we published in the Weekly Report:

And this is the Crude Oil Chart you can see right now:


We are doing some very good trades with the Stocks. Here is the Strategy we used with Disney: "In case of lower levels, we use 91.24, if tested, we will be always LONG above it and FLAT under it". We snet out this strategy on the 17th of January, and now you can see the results:

This is what makes the difference, when you know in advance which prices are influencing each Market.


This Market was very hard to handle because of the crazy volatility, but we made a deep and clear study to support our view and how we are approaching our trading with the S&P500. In respect of the subscribers we cannot share it here, if you are interested, subscribe our Daily or Weekly Report, we think very good profits can me made soon considering the forecast we have!


The US Dollar is slowly moving, but our forecast is correct so far, following the right trend. This is a new Market for us and you can get our forecast with a very low price. If you are interested to it, you should not miss the chance to get it, it's just $30! You can even check how the forecast worked in the previous years.


For what Grains can offer right now, we are doing very well, little trades but mainly in profit. Grains are mainly stuck in a sideways phase, but the important movement will come, and we have a strong forecast telling us what and how it will happen. Subscibe the Daily or Weekly Report to follow our strategies, or buy the 2016 Grains Bulletin, you will receive also updates over the year about our favorite strategy and which prices we are looking at to trade Corn and Soybeans.

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