Thursday, July 7, 2016

S&P500 Forecast and Live Cattle Situation

Two days ago I sent you the forecast... did you buy the S&P500?

Two days ago I sent a clear forecast, you see it here below, when Futures were at 2070 points, today we closed the LONG position at 2098 Points and we are FLAT... You had a live proof of what you get subscribing our service; what are you waiting for? Do you want to miss another movement of the S&P500? Subscribe it here
We closed the position because in area 2106 Points of the S&P500 Index we have an intermediate resistance, and at 2120 there is the massive resistance of the last 2 years.

Live Cattle, waiting and waiting...

Live Cattle is at the moment in a flat mood. We were waiting for an important up push, and we still are, but no life yet. In the last update about Live Cattle we said that if the August Contract was about to reach the level at 111.200, we had to be always LONG above it and FLAT under it. This contract found support exactly at this important area. Two days ago it did a Low at 111.075, reaching the day after almost 114.500.
We keep following this strategy, we take some profits when we have them and we let the remaining to run, always LONG above 111.200 and FLAT under it.