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Step by step, I show you how we made 65 points of profits (this is the real profits we made with real money!) with a precise strategy, following the studies of our forecast. This is the forecast we did the 14th of May:

We were forecasting a continuation of the descent with a Low around the 20th of May:

Here below you see what happened to the forecast we provided in the Weekly Report: 

The downtrend went on, with a Low on the 19th of May, just the day before we forecast the Low and new up push. In the chart here below you will see it.

You see also that we are suggesting a new up push with a High in the first days of June and then down again. I also wrote "we try to take advantage of a possible up push".

And now see what happened, this is the chart published in the Weekly Report of June the 11th:

Did you like the up push we forecast from the 20th of June? It was 70 points of movement!
We had an important change in trend aroud the 15th of June, suggesting it as a Low, and confirming the forecast of 2 weeks ago, where we were expecting an up push till the first days of June and then down... Look:

Here we see a Low on the 16th of June...just one day after the day we forecast the Low. Let's see here below if an up push starts, nailing again the forecast.
You can see also, from the chart above, that we have a new forecast, which is a top around the 1st of July and then down...

A special event, the Brexit, made fall the Market, but look at the up push that started exactly on the 16th of June! Another good forecast! The fall due to Brexit is not a natural movement, I call them fake movements, and my forecast suggests to buy a few days later, for a top around the 1st of July (we made very good profits thanks to this call)...
(***before the Brexit I said to close all the positions and to not remain in the Market, because it would be like gambling, and we leave that to the losers, we do not do gambling***)

I suggested to the subscribers to buy on Tuesday, the day where the up push started after Brexit! All these charts are sent in advance, these are the original charts that I sent to the subscribers of the Weekly Report Service.

Hey, I was always underlining in every chart the importance of area 2000-2010, and it has been the support of the Brexit-fall, we actually used that support to buy, another good trading skill!


You see already the forecast in the chart here above, I'm expecting a High around the first of July (right now S&P500 at -1.10%, Futures at 2073 points). This drop should not last long, I'm expecting actually a buy opportunity around the 7th of July (+/- 1 day).

If you want to trade with us all these movements, with precise strategies, and also a semi-automated software*** that helps you to trade in intraday with our rules, you just have to subscribe our service... do you know anyone that can do better? This is only one of the several Markets we trade!

***the semi-automated software is not sent with the normal subscription, if you are interested to it, please contact me directly.

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