Friday, September 30, 2016

Live Cattle Forecast - Again Profits

We have closed today the SHORT position, again with a great profit! We did the SHORT at 108, and we closed it at 100.700. How could we do it? Well, you already have the forecast, it was available for free, and you knew we were expecting weakness from August till October! Here below you see all the trades! And pay attention, again: little losses and big profits!

You can see the forecast is PDF here:

From the forecaast you see that we were expecting the top in August, this is simply the reason of opening SHORT positions, and then the Market did the rest.

On the 8th of September I said to you, here in this newsletter:
"Now we have an important support in area 100-101.5, this is why we closed the SHORT position. We are ready to re-open a SHORT position after a bounce, using the Key Price at 108.100, always SHORT under it and FLAT above it".

And so, look at the Trades Record, we did exactly what we said, and we told it in advance to you! Do you still have doubts about our work?

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