Thursday, September 29, 2016

Making Profits with the S&P500

We know how to make profits with the S&P500, we can say this after 4 years of constant profits. Today we want to show you how we can do it.
Here below is the performance of the last 4 years, where we keep the Record of every trade we do with the Daily Report Service:

In 2016, so far, we have a profit of 200 points. But it is easy to show you a Chart in Excel, I'm sure you want something real! As always, I show you a real account; do you know Tradestation 9.5? A great platform to trade, I really love it! It provides many tools to understand how you are trading. Here I show you my trading with the E-Mini S&P500 Future, December Contract; I started trading it on the 12th of September, sixteen days ago. Look at the details of my trading approach:

You have to focus your attention to some simple data: 
  • I have $3422 of profit and only $771 in loss
  • total number of Trades: 25; 16 winning and 9 losing
  • average winning trade: $213; average losing trade: $85
  • largest winning trade: $947; largest losing trade: $152 

There are many other details, but these here above are the most important to understand something really simple: profits must be bigger than losses! The strategy has to be based on this concept, you have to plan in advance this approach, and I do not know any other way to make profits. I use the same concept in every Market I trade.
In the last 2 months I have traded an account from $78.400 to $87.500. The result you see here above is not the result of luck, everything was planned in advance! But be careful: I'm not saying you plan in advance the profits, what you have to plan is the strategy! If your strategy gives you bigger losses than profits, there is something wrong in the strategy, in your approach! We always blame the Market, but we do not understand that the Market is just a mirror.

These profits are made following precisely the rules of the Daily Report Service, available to anyone interested to it.
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Daniele Prandelli
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