Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Now I will post the chart that I posted in June 6, where I give my general forecast for the S&P500:

The forecast was very favourable, but there is to say that we are not astonish ;) The red forecast was a possible track only under some condition that doesn't happened. It's amazing how I was able to forecast the rally from June 8 and from June 10-13, and the descent from June 15. I forecast also a general downtrend in June. And the forecast for the second half of June continue to be correct.
I can say also this time that my forecast was not bad!!!
You can see with your eyes what was the swing of the S&P500 Index:

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I like semplicity, market can go up or down or lateral, I don't use confusion. Too much work are used by who are confused.

Daniele Prandelli