Friday, July 29, 2011


Do you know someone that it's really able to do forecast on the market? I mean real forecast and not strategy?

It was not bad buy in June 27? And also know it in advance?
Or buy in July 18?

Here the S&P500 chart:
This is what I wrote with a view to June 27:

June 2: I don't take Long position becouse we are in a phase where the forecast indicate a favourit general down trend until second half of June. At the moment I remain SHORT with a STOP-LOSS at 1328 points, that is my entry level. (market push down until mid June, and restart a rally in June 27)

June 13: It will be interesting pay attention about the prices to understand the best points to buy for next up trend, and at the moment the forecast say that could be a good buy point between 20-27 June.

June 21: We see the rally that my models waited, very well! I don't know if the Low that my forecast see for June 27 will be lower, but theoretically this momentary rally should finish in the next 1-2 days... Market continue to swing around 1270 points, if we will consolidate now above this level, with a Low around June 27, it could be a strong opportunity for a BUY. I wait...

June 22: Now the forecast say that there should be a stop of the rally from today or tomorrow, and then a re-start of the rally from June 27 +/-.
Well, there are not news, all are going like the forecast say. Like I said yesterday, I began to accumulate something, but for aggressive trade I prefer wait until, at least, June 24, better June 27.

And this is what I wrote with a view to July (July 17 was Sunday. The Low day is July 18, Monday):

July 5:...paying attention at July 17, possible change in trend.

July 12: About the forecast, I would prefer wait 15-18 July to take aggressive Long trade.

July 14: A descent until tomorrow or Monday could be a good buy opportunity

July 18: Market arrive to my July 17 with a latheral/Low. This would confirm a statistic for a next rally.
I'm LONG with a stop under today's Low.

My work is to create a strategy price to follow the forecast. Always wait confirmation, becouse nobody is infallible. But also the forecast alone is not so bad!