Wednesday, July 11, 2012


In June I was saying that the general trend was UP in my opinion, and the PFS was expecting a possible BUY OPPORTUNITY around 27-28 June.
Here you can see the power of the PFS, because in date 12 June I was saying:
"It is expected a descent now looking the PFS, and this descent should be a buy opportunity. Then the best date should be around 15 June (only if we will see a descent now) or around 27-28 June. Which price market will hit will be fundamental."
So, the PFS was indicating a BUY OPPORTUNITY on the S&P500 around 27-28 June. We can see the PFS and the S&P500 charts:

The strategy gives us the opportunity to follow the up trend. We did some trades in loss, waiting the up push. But the losses are always very little, and this is the secret. We close the trade with a profit of more than 50 points. We don't need to trade every swing, this is impossible!
The biggest problem of some subscribers is that they want try to trade the S&P500 in intraday, but thay have no time to do it, so they make some errors and lose money. This is not the solution. If we want trade in intraday we have to follow the market every day. But if you can not do it, this is not a problem, because I begun in June to offer information to trade the S&P500 also in a mid-term approach.
Of course this approach needs patience, because we don't trade every day, but it is going very well.
At the moment this is the mid-term result:

Date LONG/SHORT Opening Price Amount Closing Price Amount Points Tot. Points
5 June 2012 LONG 1278 1   
6 June 2012 1296  1/2 +18
11 June 2012 1322  1/2 +44 +35,5
28 June 2012 LONG 1315 1   
3 July 2012 1365  1/3 +16,66

So, at the moment we are LONG from 1315 points, and the S&P500 is now at 1343 points, in profit of 28 points. We closed 1/3 of the position at 1365 points, with a profit of 50 points (16.66 considering the position /3).
In this way, following the indications of the mid-term approach, it is possible to trade also without following the intraday. If you have patience, this could be useful for you.