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How to Trade to Make Profits

My Personal Rules

A proof with a real Account Statement and Real-Time Trades of how to make profits with the right attitude
By Daniele Prandelli

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How I turned 40.000 USD to 64.000 USD in 3 months, +58%! In this book I give you my Activity Statement with almost 1000 trades in the Futures Market. Read below for details.

Below you can read the Introduction section of the book, something that can make you understand what this book is about. I want to underline that I’m not teaching how I build the PFS or how I make forecasts, or how I calculate mid/long term prices and Key Prices. But this book can open the mind of who wants to be a trader, because here there is in my opinion honesty by someone who is doing this job as a real job, with the goal to make profits, not just forecasts. I explain the approach, the main concept of what I think we have to do to trade, and also I show my Activity Statement where you can see all the trades that I have done to turn 40.000 USD in 64.000 USD in 3 months (+58%), and there are not just a few trades but almost 1000 trades (I really don’t know how many they are). So, I don’t think this is luck, it is just a good attitude following a precise strategy with discipline, without losing self-control. So, with the Activity Statement you can really see how I manage the trades, and to be honest with you this is something rare to see. There are also intraday charts (more than 100 pages) where I show every day for one month every my trade, I did it in real time, saving every chart at the end of every day for that month, plus there are some intraday Charts about trades I have done in August, trying to make you understand the intraday rules that I have explained. 

The price of the book is 250 USD, included 1 month of Subscription to my Daily Report Service. The book is in PDF, 210 pages.

Bear in mind I’m not a writer and I’m not an English mother tongue, so, if you don’t understand something, just text me and I will explain everything. With the book I give you also updates whenever I feel I have to explain something more about my strategy. I have written this book for my closest subscribers after seeing they had troubles to understand how to follow my work. I'm not a marketing guy, I prefer to look more at the substance than looking at the appearance, this is exactly what I have tried to do with this little but powerful e-book.
Every book is coded and it is for the only use of the buyer.


Considering many questions that I use to receive, I have decided to write a little book (but then it became quite big) where I share with you many aspects of my work, so you will not have doubts any more about what you have to do following my studies (but the most important question is: are you able to do what you know is right to do?). I went through my way to calculate the most important prices that make me understand the right trend to follow, I did it in the first book, “The Law of Cause and Effect”, then I have published the PFS book, with the tools that I use to make forecasts into the future. With the present book, I complete the management side, how I open intraday trades, which rules I use, and most of all I show that we have real profits following all the rules. Whit these 3 courses I think I achieve the purpose to give a full real strategy and forecasting system to make real profits with the Financial Market.

I don’t really want to be mean or arrogant, but you can ask to yourself this: how many people do you know that are able to make money in the Financial Market with speculation? I mean real money, not test or something else; I’m asking you if you have seen it with your eyes! If I have to sell a product, don’t you think that the best way to do it is to show a real Account with real money and real results? Ask to yourself: why there are so many services, books, “experts” or “guru” but never a real account? (I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist, of course it does, but how many? This is just what I’m asking you). Because I can make a good forecast but it doesn’t mean I’m able to trade it. Does it sound strange to you? Well, if so, in my opinion you still have to learn a lot about real trading. I have seen so many trading systems with huge profits during the back-test, but failing relentlessly during the real market with real money. Probably the trading system is missing something. Apparently I’m not teaching any new technique about how to make a perfect forecast, to calculate a perfect turn, perfect prices (well, there is something you can learn if you read it carefully). But again I’m asking you: why so many books show techniques, tools etc. but there are still so many people that are not able to make money after studying all this stuff? In this book I want to fill this lack, giving my solution and giving you real results, I’m saying REAL RESULTS.

What I’m going to say will be a sharing of my personal experience with this job, the trader, why I went through specific conclusions, and which are my personal solutions to achieve the main target: have profits with a speculation activity. There are not absolute truths in what I’m going to say, and I don’t think my method is the only one that produces profits, it is just the only one that I know, and considering I have realized that making profits with the speculation is something really hard not just for me, in spite of plenty of advisor services that at the end are useless, I think this book has an immense value, even more than every book that speaks about technical stuff. I’m going to say what I really think, but I will never pretend to be right. I’m telling you: in the end there is only one thing that is important, the results, the numbers, the real numbers in the Account, not the results on a excel spreadsheet, and I think that no one can object it. I won’t mince words, and it is possible that someone won’t like what I say, but I repeat that everything I’m saying here comes from just my personal experience. My personal life and the trading one look to grow together, and in the last months I have figured out that the knowledge without experience is worthless. To this end I like to quote Richard Feynman, physicist, he has said:

Learn from science that you must doubt the experts… Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts. When someone says science teaches such and such, he is using the word incorrectly. Science doesn’t teach it; experience teaches it. If they say to you that science has shown such and such, you might ask: “How does science show it – how did the scientist find out. How, what, where?” Not science has shown, but this experiment, this effect has shown.

I like also what Buddha has said: “But we are to believe when the writing, doctrine, or saying is corroborated by our own reason and consciousness. For this," says he in concluding, "I taught you not to believe merely because you have heard, but when you believed of your consciousness, then to act accordingly and abundantly."

This is exactly what we have to learn in the matter of trading as well.

I didn’t write in a cryptic way, there is no Gematria or whatever can make it a secret book, I have just tried to write it in a simple and clear way, all the rest is inside of you and you must find it out. This book proves that we are the only cause of our losses, mistakes or unluck, and to show it in a straight way is very important, because I’m going to prove it with my real trades from my Broker Account. I want to underline that what I’m going to say is not an absolute truth, this is just my point of view, my personal life with trading, and it is just an experience sharing. It is just because of my experience that after more than 10 years I have seen probably just 2 people proving to be able to have constant and real profits. And so, with this book, I want to be the 3rd, describing all my trades that I have done with Future Contracts of the S&P500, Corn, Gold, and Soybeans. Every trade has documented in my Activity Statement, you can go through all the trades that I have done in these 3 months, and believe me, I did a lot of trades, not just 10 or 20, I did probably almost 1000 trades, and they are all here, I show all of them to you with my Activity Statement. I don’t know one book that did it before. I’m going to show some trades that I have done during August with intraday real-time charts, to make you understand how I use the rules that I’m teaching here, and we will take 1 month where I show and describe every trade, using for every day a real time intraday Chart for every Market that I’m trading, it means S&P500, Soybeans, Corn, and in some cases Gold as well. I’ll show you that what we make hard is in truth really easy, but we have to know ourselves to make it easy, this is the key, and we will go through this stuff. With a real time trading we can experience the psychological aspect, the strategy, the right approach and attitude that we need to turn our study in profits. Do you still think it doesn’t worth?

Don’t expect from this book that I’m teaching how I make the forecast or how I calculate my prices, for these things there are the other two books, and maybe you already have your way to make forecasts or to calculate the important levels. I’m here now to turn your work in profits, and to do this we have to find our “Center of Gravity”. To be specific, here I’m going to explain how I open and close my trades, how I manage them when I have to trade for real with my signals, how I create a strategy that has a good risk/reward ratio. In my opinion there is a big value in showing you my real Activity Statement because in this way you can see which my approach is for real. I show the secret of constancy and discipline.

I think that this book has much to give, making you become aware of some aspects can really change forever your approach to the trading if you had losses so far or if you weren’t consistent in your trading. You can stop making mistakes, I mean the big mistakes, accepting the reality and becoming aware that if you haven’t been able to do it till now, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do it, because if I can do it, you can too. Looking back to my path of trader, only now I see how I was lost, I didn’t have my Center of Gravity, I didn’t have a precise idea of how I can produce constant profits, and sometimes I miss it as well, it happens, we are humans. I had many studies in my baggage but nothing more and it wasn’t enough. Only now I can see it.

Going through my work you see that sometimes I have been unlucky, the Market did movements that made me lose money, but maintaining a proper discipline, in 3 months we cannot be always unlucky,  because in truth the unlucky doesn’t exist, it is just a matter of statistic. We will analyze the strategy, how to stay calm following the rules, how to take advantage of different situations. It took a lot of time to write this book, saving all the intraday charts, but inside of it there is also the time I took to realize what I’m going to write here, I lost a lot of money before becoming aware of what I’m saying.

It has been quite hard for me to project this book, first of all I’m not a professional writer, and in the previous publications it was easy to describe technical stuff, numbers... but here I tried to go over the technical aspect to achieve something even more important that is so hard to explain for every good trader. I’m speaking about the right attitude; know that we don’t know; the patience linked to the courage; the discipline with the good sense; the discipline linked to the climate. It doesn’t happen that one morning I wake up and I know what the market is going to do, but I know the rules I have to use. Everything can happen, nothing is sure, EVER, but we know which the proper approach is.

As you can see, putting together all these skills to be a good trader is quite difficult to explain, but I have tried to do my best with the support of real trades, describing mental conditions following a precise strategy. The difficulty to explain my approach to the trading is that I want to make you feel like you have the view of all these stuff in the same moment. For a purpose of order I had to divide this work in Chapters, but also in this case it wasn’t easy: to achieve the purpose of this book, we have to keep in mind every aspect at the same time, something not easy to do in a book. For this reason I suggest to read this book more than once, to be able to have a wide consciousness about everything while we trade. This is the consciousness: have the big picture in just a moment, even if the big picture includes many aspects.

The work goes through the explanation of my main concept that I use to build my trading approach on, then we investigate the emotional approach, a very important section. After that I show my personal rules that I use to trade in intraday with my Key Prices and other aspects of my personal trading. The last Chapter shows a real-time section where it is possible to see every my trade from 26th of September to 25th of October 2013 with real intraday charts, a way to show you how I use my system for real, how I use the rules that I have showed in this book, and actually these rules gave me the opportunity to make very good profits. I have showed also some trades of August where you can understand how I use the rules explained.

At the end I have added an Appendix where I explain how to read the Report. There is an extra file, a PDF file that is the complete Activity Statement from July the 23rd 2013 to October the 25th 2013, with all the trades I have done in this period. This file is in my opinion extremely important because with it you can understand how I trade, it is enough to see all my profits and all my losses to understand my approach, and with it you are going to realize which is my secret, the one that I try to explain in this book.

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